A Letter to Our Daughter

Dear Little Warrior Queen,   You will be growing up in an amazing time – unlike any other in the history of mankind. How exciting! There are some who hesitate to bring life into our war-torn world, but we have been praying for your existence before your father and I were ever married. Why? Because […]

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Clayton Jennings and the Single Girls

It’s been a whirlwind of opinion with the sad and sudden news of Clayton Jenning’s indiscretions – now made known to the world. Indiscretion is a tame word for the alleged spiritual, emotional, and physical abuse unsuspecting women were prey to by him. There is forgiveness and redemption for Clayton as there is forgiveness and […]

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Not a Racist Christian

I was never raised to see race. Judgement based on skin was never even a thought! I was raised to love people. I was taught that God wasn’t a respecter of persons and we are all equal. I remember watching Remember the Titans when it came out and felt so happy that the war on racism between […]

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Bruce Jenner

My thoughts on Bruce Jenner, if you care to read.   When everyone was taking about Bruce transitioning to a woman there were a lot of opinions flying around. “How courageous!”  “How disgusting!” “That’s insulting to women!”   *If you don’t share my beliefs about God, Jesus, and Holy Spirit, you might as well stop […]

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Just Focus on Love

  The age-old argument about the validity of the Old Testament laws versus the “freedom” we have in Christ can be confusing. Not only for new believers or unbelievers, but also for those raised in the church. The Bible warns that even the very elite will become deceived. The closer we get to the “end […]

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