Current Projects

The Awakening TrilogyChristian Fiction

Three short stories that follow the lives of Eleanor Day and Seth Sulgen as they discover that the spiritual is more real than the natural. Coming face-to-face with each member of the trilogy in unexpected ways, both teens’ lives are set on a completely different course involving chasing down the unseen and demanding answers that may just change more than their lives.


BirdieMystery Romance 

Birdie North has just lost her mother and becomes obsessed with uniting with a grandmother she’s never met. Sailing across the ocean to the faery land of Scotland, Birdie meets a family she’s never known and begins to adjust to a life in the country. When an English stranger shows up in town inquiring after his father’s disappearance, she becomes involved in a scandal that pushes her to the edge of grief and herself.


Ocean SkyFantasy

The princess of Ocean Sky is missing. She’s due to marry the king of River’s West in under a fortnight and if the Unity doesn’t take place it could mean war for the kingdoms Above. Little do the Royals know, but a young farm boy from Below holds the key to both the country’s peace and to its doom. With time quickly running out, what started as an innocent adventure becomes a chase for freedom.

Ocean Sky Cover.jpg

Sin: The Underground / Sci-fi

Daniel is captain of the infamous vessel Sin. With the highest grossing numbers in the underground, he and his crew are the most sought after smugglers in the known galaxy. When an insane and greedy crime-lord decides he wants Sin to work for him exclusively or never work again, he sets in a motion a game where life and death become the wages.