The Answer to the Unexpected

It was Election Day when Tim and I decided we wanted to have a baby. By the end of the month we were pregnant and by the second week of December, we miscarried. The news came out of nowhere and I was so caught off guard! We allowed ourselves one day to mourn and then […]

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My Homebirth Story

If you don’t appreciate the gory details of a good ‘ole birth story, here is the blog in a nutshell: I had a baby. It took 36 hours. There was blood. For those of you who enjoy a good birth tale, please continue. Gory details ahead! It all began on my due date (Fun fact: […]

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Maternity Shoot

Beyond happy to have our maternity pictures back! Daisy is pretty excited to be a big sister and we are totally stoked to transition into the parenthood season (which never ends!). God truly shows up and shows off – the amazing display of the family is just one of the ways we reflect His goodness. […]

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*Hormonal Post Alert* Or is it?

I remember being thirteen or fourteen sitting in our Wednesday night girls group at church discussing the menstrual cycle – I know, fascinating. Where is this going? Just bear with me…it will all make sense. Our teacher, Tasha McKinney, was leading a discussion about how people tend to believe that while on your cycle – […]

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Happy Father’s Day, God

This Zits panel reminded me of what God really cares about – our obedience. How can someone love us SO MUCH that He not only gave Jesus to die to wipe out our sins and replace the sin-nature with the Holy Spirit, but who also gave us the ABILITY to live a life capable and […]

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A Letter to Our Daughter

Dear Little Warrior Queen,   You will be growing up in an amazing time – unlike any other in the history of mankind. How exciting! There are some who hesitate to bring life into our war-torn world, but we have been praying for your existence before your father and I were ever married. Why? Because […]

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Christian to Christian

Communicating via the internet is always going to be a work in progress, but I believe that if we’re seeking to glorify God in our speech that we CAN be successful in translating the heart of God to people through the power of our keyboards.   Here are ten pieces of advice to help you […]

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